Support a better future at work

Workplace giving is a way for employees to donate to charitable organizations of their choice, primarily through payroll pledges. Donations through payroll pledges enable Futurewise to spend less time fundraising and more time working to protect family farms, forests and rural areas while making cities liveable communities.

Futurewise is a member of EarthShare of Washington, an alliance of 65 leading conservation and environmental organizations. By partnering with businesses and government agencies, EarthShare of Washington inspires employees to support the environment through workplace giving campaigns and volunteerism.  Visit to find out more. To determine if your company is a member of EarthShare of Washington, click here.

How to Give at Your Workplace:

  • Corporate Workplaces: If you work for one of many corporations that include EarthShare of Washington in your workplace giving campaign, find EarthShare of Washington on your payroll pledge form and write in Futurewise as a specific designation.
  • United Way Campaigns: If Futurewise is not listed by your employer in your workplace giving campaign, you can designate Futurewise in the "Specific Organization" or "donor option" section of your United Way pledge form. Ask your campaign coordinator how to do this if it is not clear.
  • Government Workplaces: If you work a government agency, such as the State of Washington, state universities, the federal government, City of Seattle, King County, as well as many other counties and cities, you can find Futurewise listed in the campaign catalog. Once you have found us, write our code number on your payroll pledge form. If your agency has no catalog, ask your campaign coordinator how you may designate your gift to Futurewise.

Here are two ways you can give to Futurewise through your workplace giving campaign:

  • Payroll Deduction: By far the most popular and easiest way to support Futurewise year-round, you instruct your employer to deduct a certain amount from your paycheck each pay period.
  • One-time Payroll Deduction: Instruct your employer to deduct a single amount from one paycheck, or simply write a personal check to Futurewise and present it to your workplace giving campaign manager.

Stretch your gift with employer matches

Many local employers offer matching funds to double or even triple your gift to Futurewise. Talk to your company about employer matching gifts!

For more information, please contact Kate Brunette, Development Manager, by email, or call (206) 343-0681 x110.