Washington Can't Wait Campaign: Updating the GMA for Today's Challenges

Futurewise's Washington Can’t Wait Campaign is an initiative to fight for action on climate change, environmental justice, and housing equity by passing the biggest changes to the Growth Management Act in three decades.

Sine Die

The 2022 legislative session ended at midnight on March 10th. Check out our legislative wrap-up, here.

Fighting sprawl to protect our communities and our climate

We’re running out of time to take action on climate change. By making our urban areas affordable and accessible to all through bold affordable housing policy, ensuring that cities and counties are planning for climate change, and protecting our farms and forests from illegal sprawl, we have the opportunity to transform the lives of Washingtonians and the natural environment around us.

Why address these issues through the GMA?

Land use planning sits at the intersection of the biggest ecological and social problems plaguing our state. From climate change to housing affordability, environmental justice, and the protection of our farms and forests, how we plan to accommodate growth has profound impacts on the health and resilience of our communities, whether you live in a rural area, urban, or somewhere in between. And in Washington, the Growth Management Act is the body of policy that dictates how cities and counties plan for growth. The GMA offers us a tool to create more equitable, just, and livable places for all Washingtonians.

The Campaign: 2022 Priorities

In 2021, The Washington Can’t Wait Campaign built a movement of constituents and organizations across Washington who called on their legislators to update the Growth Management Act to address the biggest crises facing our state. For an overview of our work last year, check out this blog post.

This year, we are back to finish what we started and ensure that our state is planning for the impacts of climate change, housing equity, and protecting our farms and forests.

No matter where you live in Washington, whether rural, urban, or somewhere in between, you are impacted by these crises and the ways that they intersect with our land-use decisions.

To ensure this work gets done, we are focusing on three policy initiatives for the 2022 legislative session:

  1. Pass HB1099 to ensure Washington cities and counties are planning for climate-resilient communities while reducing our contributions to the climate crisis.
  2. Fully fund HB1220 to ensure that the state legislature does not short-change housing equity and that we are doing everything we can to address race and income-based housing discrimination.
  3. Close the GMA’s ‘sprawl loophole’ to protect farmland, forests, and critical habitats from harmful development by passing SB5042.

Check out our full campaign platform and our campaign bill tracker to find out more about each of our priorities and where they are at in the legislative process.

Event Recordings:

Illegal Growth Loophole Panel

Campaign Kickoff

Advocate Meeting

Climate Change and Land Use Panel

Public Health and Land Use Panel

Virtual Lobbying Training

Matrix of logos from our 2022 WA Can't Wait partner organizations. Updated November 30, 2021. Is your organization interested in endorsing any part of our 2022 campaign platform? Reach out to jamie@futrewise.org or go to futurewise.org/wcwpartner.