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Advance Sustainable Land Use in Tri-Cities

Futurewise was awarded funding through Columbia Riverkeeper to develop a program that raises awareness and support for land use policy initiatives (shorelines, habitat, critical areas, water quality, stormwater pollution prevention) that have a positive impact on the Columbia River system.

Futurewise is advancing these goals through community outreach and education, land use policy engagement and coalition building.

Priority projects:

  • River Reconveyance Plan: A group of local leaders are considering a plan to “reconvey” federally owned Columbia River property to local governments - a plan that could expose thousands of acres of public shoreline to private development. We have convened a coalition of environmentalists, tribes and Latino community leaders to push for more community education and engagement on the reconveyance plan.
  • Settlement of Benton County Comprehensive Plan: In early 2018, we settled an appeal of Benton County’s Comprehensive Plan. The settlement agreement will safeguard water resources, plan for improved state highway and transit service, and plan for adequate wildfire fighting capabilities within the County.
  • Smart Growth Tri-Cities – convened monthly meetings to explore ways to build support for complete streets, multi-modal transportation.  There is strong transit support and an anti-transit movement.