Eastside Housing Roundtable

The Eastside Housing Roundtable (“EHR”) is a broad coalition comprised of employers, non-profits, business organizations, housing advocates, and private and non-profit housing developers working for housing abundance on the Eastside.

Aerial shot of housing in Kirkland

In Bellevue, Futurewise staffs the Eastside Housing Roundtable, a cross-sector coalition of local employers, housing providers, and advocacy groups working for shared goals for increased housing in Bellevue, especially following the expansion of the Link Light Rail. In 2022, we were successful in passing legislation that sunsetted local Community Councils that had been an obstacle to new housing in their neighborhoods. We have also advocated for Bellevue to increase their target for new housing units, and have successfully convinced the city to consider 91,000 new units (up from 27,000) in their comprehensive plan alternatives.