Legislative Update: Week of January 14

January 15, 2024

Hard to believe we're already a week into the 2024 legislative session! This session we're working to Connect Communities by allowing more housing to be built near transit, preventing sprawl into rural areas, and securing the funding to build climate-friendly communities.

Reminder that early in session bills have a "companion bill" in the other chamber to give the bill the best chance of making it through session. That means each of our issues have two action-- one for the House and one for the Senate.

We've already seen a lot of action over the past week, but there's many more hurdles for our issues to face, so read on for updates and the most urgent actions to take.

Futurewise Action Alerts!

Promoting Transit-oriented Development HB 2160/SB 6024

Transit-oriented Development (TOD) had its first hearings this week! HB 2160 was heard on Jan 9, and its companion bill was heard on Jan 11. Thanks to the hundreds of folks that signed in pro! We are excited to continue to work with lawmakers to make sure this bill emphasizes density, affordability, and equity. In the meantime, we need your help to keep this bill moving!

HB 2160 is scheduled for a vote in the Housing Committee in the House TOMORROW at 1:30pm, and we need committee members to vote YES to keep this bill alive.

Protecting Rural Lands from Sprawl

Last week, SB 5834, which would allow cities to sprawl into farmland, had a hearing on Jan 9. Thank you to everyone that signed in opposition!

However, our rural lands are still under threat. HB 2126 and its companion bill SB 6029, which would allow ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in rural areas and threaten farmers' water supply, wildlife and salmon habitats, and increase planet-warming pollution, both have hearings next Tuesday. HB 2126 is being heard in the House Housing at 4pm, and SB 6029 is being heard in the Senate Local Government, Land Use and Tribal Affairs committee at 8am.

There's a lot of momentum to pass these bad bills, and it's up to us to tell our legislators we want to protect our farms and green spaces.

Bonus Rural Protection Action!

This week we need to send a clear message to legislators that HB 2126 and SB 6029 would threaten our farms, wildlife, and rural communities. That's why we aren't waiting until after the hearings to email committee members to vote NO on HB 2126 and SB 6029.

Connecting Communities Lobby Day Thursday 1/25/24

Deadline to Register for Lobby Day THIS WEDS

Want to meet with legislators in person and share your story? Then join us for our January 25 lobby day in Olympia. This is one of the best ways to make your voice heard, meet volunteers, and witness democracy in action! Click the big red button below for more information and how to sign up. Deadline to register is January 17, but the sooner you register, the more likely we'll be able to schedule a meeting with your legislator.