Connecting Communities Lobby Day Recap

January 30, 2024

On Thursday, January 25, Futurewise was in Olympia for the Connecting Communities Lobby Day! It’s great being in person to meet legislators, fellow volunteers and land use enthusiasts, and see democracy in action. Read on for an update!

Volunteers meet with Representative Davina Duerr. From left to right, Tom Ostrom, Bev Marcus, Rep. Duerr, and Parnian Karimi

Thank you to the 40+ volunteers, partners, and staff that joined us. Throughout the day, we lobbied 30 legislators and called over 160 offices to tell our leaders to support transit-oriented development and protect rural areas from sprawl. Parnian Karimi, a Futurewise volunteer, reflected, “I loved lobbying with Futurewise! It was really inspiring to meet people from all walks of life who united to make our state a better place to live. Our stories and perspectives are so powerful and I was proud to talk to my legislators and promoting transit and protecting wildlife.”

A special thank you to the groups that joined us: Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity, Liveable Kirkland, Move Redmond, Friends of the San Juans, Housing Development Consortium, and Whidbey Environmental Action Network.

Volunteer Ruth Lipscomb gives a tour of the Capitol Campus

Our lobbying team also got to witness the hearing for HB 2160 (transit-oriented development) in the House Capital Budget Committee in person! This is the bills last stop before being voted out of the committee and brought to the House Floor.

Overall, Lobby Day was a huge success. Each story we shared with legislators brought us closer to our goals, supporting our champions and influencing others to vote our way. We made a splash at the Capitol this week, but we need to keep it up if we’re going to see our campaign to the end! Want to help out? Sign up for legislative updates here. Your involvement is crucial for our ongoing work to Connect Communities.