Week of March 5 Legislative Update

March 6, 2023

We are truly in the Floor Vote Frenzy. Things are happening fast! Votes can happen at any minute, lasting for hours, and as of writing this, we are still pushing to get our bills past the March 8th cut off. We do have some good news with good momentum, and an action you can take. Check it out:

TOD Passes the Senate!

On Wednesday, March 1st, SB 5466 aka our Transit-Oriented Development passed the Senate floor! Thank you to everyone who kept taking all the actions we asked, signed-in PRO, or emailed their Senators. With a final vote of 40-8, this is a HUGE victory for us and one big step to getting this bill into law.

Now, we are on to the House, and we will need to redo all of this again. We secured victory the first time through our collective efforts, so I’m positive we can do it again! We’ll have more info in a couple of weeks on what next steps are for TOD.

Climate passes the House!

Late Friday night, the House of Representatives voted 57-41 to pass HB 1181, our bill to add climate planning to the GMA. This is our third year running this bill and victory is in sight! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has supported this legislation for the last three years. Now we're headed to the Senate to see this bill across the finish line.

Keeping the Floor Vote Frenzy Going!

With two bills down, that just leaves our middle housing bill HB 1110 to pass the House. We need to see this bill voted and passed by Wednesday to keep it moving!

The March 8th cut off is only a few days away. As of writing this, we are over HALFWAY to our goal of 1000 people emailing their legislators to vote For Our Future! Thank you to everyone who has done so; your continual action is the reason why our bills WILL make it past the cut off. You can help us reach our goal by taking action today!

In Person Social Hour for our Seattle-area Friends

I’d like to invite you to our post-Frenzy in-person celebration on March 9, 6-7:30pm at Owl N’ Thistle in downtown Seattle. Get some drinks, snacks, and hang out with your fellow supporters and organizers. All are welcome!

Watch Out For Your Local Organizing Meeting!

In order to take care of ourselves, not burnout, and have a successful second half legislative session, we are going to be regrouping after the Floor Vote Frenzy by having regional organizing meetings throughout the state! We want to continue this momentum, so if you are interested in all the ways you can get involved keep your eyes peeled for my invite email. I’ll be sending that out soon.

The Frenzy is almost over! Thank you so much for your continued support.