Week of March 26 Legislative Update

March 27, 2023

Well, another round of cutoffs is here and we need you to take action. This week, our bills need to be voted out of their respective Policy Committees by this Wednesday, March 29th. Specifically, we need HB 1181 and SB 5466 to be voted on! HB 1110 is in a good position and will need action later. Our bills are still in a good spot!

Take Action on HB 1181 and SB 5466!

HB 1181, our bill to add climate planning in the Growth Management Act, was referred to the Senate Ways & Means committee and heard this previous Thursday, March 23rd. SB 5466, our transit-oriented development bill, is in the House Housing committee and has an executive session at 1:30 PM today, March 27.

We need to ensure our elected officials keep these bills going through the cutoff! Tell your legislators to support HB 1181 and SB 5466!

HB 1110 Update — No Action Needed Yet!

Our Middle Housing bill, HB 1110, had an executive session in the Senate Housing committee last Wednesday, March 22nd. No action is needed yet but we will send an email out once we have additional information.

Sign Up for Your Local Organizing Meeting

We know that to see these bills across the finish line, we need to get even more people engaged and organized than before. That’s why we’re hosting several regional organizing meetings in the next few weeks to build our base of supporters. Join us to meet your neighbors, and find out how you can take collective action for our future! Sign up today at the link below to find your local organizing meeting.

That's all we have this week! Thank you so much for your support.