Week of March 12 Legislative Update

March 13, 2023

I want to start off by saying thank you. Because of your continual action, all our bills are alive and passed the March 8th cutoff! This is a monumental victory! We can dive in more later. As has been the theme the entire session, things are happening fast! Our three bills already have new hearings this week, which means we have actions for you to take. Check it out:

A Grand Cutoff Victory!

We are ecstatic to announce the three bills we have been championing received and passed their respective floor vote!! We cannot underestimate the huge success and rarity this is. Here are the final count:

  • HB 1110, our Middle Housing bill, passed the House with a 75 - 21 vote
  • HB 1181, our GMA Climate bill, passed the House with a 57 - 41 vote
  • SB 5466, our Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) bill, passed the Senate with a 40 - 8 vote

We surpassed our goal of 1000 individuals taking action during this floor vote frenzy, with over 4500 emails sent! We want to thank specifically the Washington Conservation Action, Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity SKC, Our Climate, The Nature Conservancy, Audubon, and more. Again, we mean it when we say this is a collective effort so thank you.

Sign in PRO for our Three Bills

As has been the consistent theme, session never stops! Kicking off the second half of session, we have three hearings this week!

We’re aiming high again by having our goal of 1000 PRO sign-ins. Help us hit our goal by signing in PRO today!

Sign Up for Your Local Organizing Meeting

We know that to see these bills across the finish line, we need to get even more people engaged and organized than before. That’s why we’re hosting several regional organizing meetings in the next few weeks to build our base of supporters. Join us to meet your neighbors, and find out how you can take collective action for our future! Sign up today at the link below to find your local organizing meeting.

The Frenzy is almost over! Thank you so much for your continued support.