Week of January 23 Legislative Update

January 23, 2023

4,306 people signed-in PRO for HB 1181, SB 5203, & HB 1110

What a week it has been for us and we’re only entering week 3 of the legislative session! 😅 First off, We just want to say a big THANK YOU for showing up this week. We had three hearings on the same day and we showed up and showed out! With 1,303 & 1,218 PRO sign-ins for our climate bills HB 1181/SB 5203, and 1,785 PRO sign-ins for our housing bill, we sent a clear message to our representatives. Thank you!

What’s Next:


After a successful first hearing in the House Local Government Committee, now it's time to make sure HB 1181 keeps moving. We need you to tell the Committee members to vote YES on HB 1811!


The Senate Middle Housing bill, SB 5190, has a hearing this Wednesday, January 25. We need you to sign in PRO. We hit over 1000 PRO sign-ins for the house, now let’s do it again for the senate!

Sign in PRO for middle housing (Senate hearing SB 5190)

Remember: Do not select an organization when signing in.

There’s also 2 rent stabilization bills, HB 1388 and HB 1389, that have hearings this Tuesday, January 24. We support these bills and need you to sign in PRO. These two bills are part of a comprehensive approach to address our housing crisis. Join Futurewise in supporting them!

Sign in PRO for rent stabilization (HB 1388)

Sign in PRO for rent stabilization (HB 1389)

See y'all next week!