Week of February 19 Legislative Update

February 20, 2023

Thanks to all of you for the work you’ve done so far! We are feeling good about where we are because of you. This week, we’ve been preparing for our first major cutoff that is coming up soon! We have just a few actions for you before a busy next week. Check it out:

Vote YES for HB 1110 by Friday 2/24

Our Middle Housing bill, HB 1110, needs to come to a vote by this Friday, 2/24. Can you email the House Appropriations Committee to vote YES on HB 1110? We need this to ensure we get this bill out of committee and to the House floor for a vote. Tell the committee members to take action on housing affordability, and to vote YES.

Sightline Poll: Washington Voters Out Ahead of Local Leaders on Zoning Reforms

Our friends over at Sightline Institute ran a statewide poll on zoning law and different approaches to fixing our housing crisis. The biggest takeaway: there is overwhelming support among Washington voters for zoning reforms that would deliver more homes, in more shapes and sizes, in cities and towns across the state.

Here is a great video to check out as well. Check this video, and the article out!

RSVP for the Floor Vote Frenzy Kickoff!

Join us on February 28 at 6pm over Zoom for our Futurewise Floor Vote Frenzy Kickoff! It will be an opportunity to celebrate our progress, take actions, and kick off our organizing frenzy to mobilize 1000 Washingtonians to get our bills passed off the floor. We're going to need all hands on deck!

We have only until March 8 to pass our For Our Future bills out of their chambers and keep these bills from dying. If we want our leaders to vote YES, we need to demonstrate the broad support they have from their constituents. RSVP today!

Thank you for your support!