Week of February 12 Legislative Update

February 13, 2023

What a week! From a successful lobby day to some big milestones, we are feeling good. However, the countdown is on! We’re just a few weeks away from the deadline to pass our priority bills out of their house of origin. We got some actions for you to ensure we keep moving forward. Check it out:

Vote YES for HB 1181

Our GMA Climate bill, HB 1181, is moving quickly out of appropriations —which means now it is time to get a YES vote on the floor! We need you to contact your state Representative and tell them to vote YES on HB 1181. HB 1181 is already funded in the Governor's budget, so now we need our legislators to do their part.

Vote YES for HB 1110

Our Middle Housing bill, HB 1110, is up for another vote! We need you to email the House Appropriations Committee to vote YES on HB 1110. This is the next step to ensure we get this bill to the House floor for a vote. Tell the committee members to take action on housing affordability, and to vote YES.

Sign in PRO for SB 5466

Our Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) bill has a hearing in the Senate Transportation committee this Monday, February 13. We must build homes near transit expansions to connect people and communities. We ask you to please sign in PRO for SB 5466 by 3pm on Monday, February 13.

Futurewise’s Executive Director, Alex Brennan, and Lead Organizer, Marcella Buser, talking to partners and volunteers during Lobby Day

Finally, thank you to all our volunteers who joined us for Futurewise’s For Our Future lobby day! It was so fun to be in the thick of things in Olympia, making sure our lawmakers are voting #ForOurFuture and meeting so many of you in person! We’ll be sure to provide a proper recap soon.