Week of April 9 Legislative Update

April 10, 2023

Wow, a lot has happened! HB1181, our climate planning in the GMA bill, passed the Senate floor last Friday! A huge thank you to everyone who has taken action, as well as Senator Lovelett and Representative Duerr for their leadership. Next steps are getting the House to concur with the amendments, and that will likely happen at the end of this week.

Volunteers and coalition partners texted 5000 members asking them to email their legislators last Wednesday

HB1181 passed only two days after we launched our Floor Vote Frenzy 2: the Frenzy Strikes Back, thanks to the over 600 emails and calls we sent to our legislators to VOTE YES on our bills. Take some time to celebrate, and then get ready to get back down to business. We have 3 days to pass HB1110, Missing Middle Housing, and SB5466, Transit-oriented Development, from their respective chambers.

Tell your legislators to VOTE YES on HB 1110 and SB 5466

We only have until April 12 to pass these bills off the floor! We need you to email your elected officials and call your Senator to keep these bills going through the cutoff.

RSVP for in-person Writing Party

We're SO CLOSE to getting our bills over the finish line, but there's one last step after the floor votes: reconciliation. Both chambers must agree on the amendments that were added to the bill, and they'll have until April 23rd to do so. The threat here isn't that legislators won't support, but rather that we'll run out of time. In order to keep the pressure on while the clock is ticking, we'll be writing thank you notes and letters to the editor about these bills.

Join us in in person on April 13 from 6-7pm at the Futurewise Downtown Seattle office to learn how to write letters to the editor, take some time to mail thank you cards, and hang out! We'll get drinks and snacks after the event. I'd love to see you there! If you aren't in the area, I'll send out digital how-to's later this week.

Support for Inclusionary Zoning

Futurewise supports inclusionary zoning. We’ve heard some confusion about this recently (mostly around SB5466) and wanted to take the opportunity to clarify our position. You can read our full statement here.

Our hard work is paying off. I really appreciate everything you’ve done to get us to this point. Let’s keep going! See y’all on Thursday.