Week of April 2 Legislative Update

April 3, 2023

We had a busy week and it’s getting busier! This Tuesday, April 4th, is the Fiscal cutoff! We need our bills to make it through, which is where you come in.

Once our bills make it through, we enter the final stretch of session. Wednesday is the start of the Floor Vote Frenzy 2: The Frenzy Strikes Back. We will kick things off with an email Wednesday morning with a text bank sign up! So keep an eye out.

For now, we have immediate actions for you to take!

Take Action on HB 1110 and HB 1181

As of writing this, HB 1110, our Middle Housing bill, and HB 1181, our GMA Climate bill, have an executive session tomorrow, April 3rd! We need you to email your elected officials keep these bills going through the cutoff!

Sign Up for Phone Banking

We will be phone banking the Senate Ways and Means committee for HB 1110. This is an additional strategy we're doing to keep the pressure going! We'll walk you through it and provide a script. Sign up today!

Text Bank Sign Up for Floor Vote Frenzy 2

Like I mentioned earlier, Wednesday marks the start of the second Floor Vote Frenzy! We are getting a head start by hosting a text bank. You can RSVP today.

It’s a busy week and it is only going to get busier. I really appreciate everything you’ve done to get us to this point. Let’s keep going! See y’all on Wednesday.