Week of April 16 Legislative Update

April 17, 2023

After 13 weeks of emails, calls, late nights, early mornings, ups and downs, we are at the FINAL week of the 2023 legislative session! This past week had the last major cutoff before Sine Die (the last day of session) so we have some updates as well as some upcoming things you can take action on.

HB 1181 is Headed to the Governor’s Office!

HB 1181, our GMA Climate bill, passed the Senate AND passed the concurrence vote in the House. It is now headed to the Governor’s desk for a signature. We want to thank you for taking action, our partners who showed up, and Senator Lovelett and Representative Duerr for fighting not just this year, but the past previous years as well. We are finally here!

HB 1110 Coming Up!

HB 1110, our Middle Housing bill, passed the Senate as well! It will most likely pass the concurrence in the House early this week. We will update you when it does. Nonetheless, this is also a reason to celebrate and only done because of you, our partners, and Representative Bateman, Representative Barkis, and Senator Trudeau!

SB 5466 Did Not Pass the House.

Unfortunately, our Transit-Oriented Development bill, SB 5466 did not make it past the April 12 cutoff. Futurewise will continue fighting for transit-oriented development in the future.

Send a Thank You Note to Our Electeds!
We’ve created a simple toolkit for you to be able to send a Thank You Note to those elected officials who voted YES on our bills. We’ve already sent out 27 thank you notes, so help us increase that number. Plus, who doesn’t like to get a thank you note?

Celebrate with Futurewise Next Month

With all these victories under our belt, it’s high time to celebrate! I hope you’ll join me next month at the Futurewise Livable Communities Spring Celebration! It will be on Saturday, May 20th at the 21 Acres farm and teaching center in Woodinville. Join me for an evening on the farm with delicious locally sourced food and meet your fellow Futurewise supporters, local elected officials, community leaders and industry colleagues. Plus, we’re also hosting a special reception prior to the event with VIP speakers and guests. I’d love to see you there!

What a legislative session. 2 out of 3 bills is a pretty good record! Once again, I really appreciate everything you’ve done this entire time. One more week! See y’all soon.