Missing Middle Housing (HB 1110) Round Up!

June 16, 2023

This past legislative session, Futurewise organized with thousands of you to pass HB 1110 to legalize middle housing types like duplexes and courtyard apartments in neighborhoods across Washington. This is transformational legislation that only passed because of the hard work of people like you. To celebrate its passage, we've rounded up a few different summaries of our collective work on this bill.

Futurewise in Conversation with Rep. Jessica Bateman and Washington Community Alliance

Futurewise joined Representative Jessica Bateman and Washington Community Alliance Executive Director Kamau Chege for a conversation about our collective work to draft and pass HB 1110 to legalize middle housing. We talk aboutthe impacts this bill will have for communities of color in Washington, and what comes next!

Watch the conversation!

Listen to a few podcast episodes about the behind-the-scenes work

Want to know how the sausage gets made? We're on several different podcasts explaining how we approach policymaking and grassroots organizing for change:

Legalizing middle housing in Washington will add tens of thousands of new, more affordable homes in neighborhoods across our state. Thank you for your help in passing HB 1110!