Week of January 15 Legislative Update

January 16, 2023

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Our first week is done which means it is time for our first action alert of the 2023 legislative session! We have a very big day next Tuesday, January 17th, with three hearings scheduled on the same day for our priority bills for housing and climate.

We need to start the session strong and make sure our leaders know that the people are demanding action on climate and housing. That’s why we’re setting a goal to have 1000 people like you sign in PRO for these bills ahead of Tuesday’s committee hearings. You can be part of our collective voice with three quick actions today.

Remember: please sign in PRO for ALL THREE of Tuesday’s hearings. Do not select an organization when signing in.

Sign in PRO for climate in the GMA (Senate hearing SB 5203)

Sign in PRO for climate in the GMA (House hearing HB 1181)

Sign in PRO for middle housing (House hearing HB 1110)

We know that 1000 is a pretty big number but we also know that we can get there together. Let's show our elected officials we are showing up strong For Our Future.