July Executive Director's Note: We're Moving!

July 31, 2023

Futurewise is moving! After 15 years we are saying goodbye to our long-time Seattle office space at 816 2nd Ave. By September 1, we will be fully moved into a coworking space in the 1201 3rd Ave building. It’s a bit of a return to our roots at Office Nomads (RIP). As part of the move, we have been cleaning out 30+ years of old files. We’ve found some amazing gems of Futurewise history tucked away around the office like this 1993 report.

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a dramatic experiment in remote work. Since March 2020, Futurewise staff have been part of this trend, with all staff working primarily from home. Work from home has provided increased flexibility for staff and we have worked to put in place new systems for staying in touch and maintaining team cohesion. But being remote for so long has also highlighted the need for in-person interactions for complex teamwork, trust building, onboarding new staff, informal learning and quick responses to problems.

As we move into our new space, I am personally excited to start spending more time in the office. I remember my first time commuting to downtown Seattle, years ago, getting off the bus in the morning on 3rd Avenue with thousands upon thousands of other people. There is something magical about being part of a mass human daily migration like that. It always makes me a little giddy, as if I’m Mary Taylor Moore about to toss my beret into the air.

Thanks to the increase in remote work, Downtown Seattle, like downtowns across the country, has had a rough last few years, but it’s still one of the most dynamic economic centers in the country. With leadership and teamwork, today’s challenges can lead us to a healthier, more equitable downtown that is better integrated into the rest of the region. I’m proud that we are investing in that future. Come stop by our new place and say hi.