Week of February 7th: Legislative Update

February 7, 2022

Image of livable, inclusive community titled Legislative Update

We’re reaching the halfway point of the 2022 legislative session, which is why I’m so pleased to share that we’re ahead of schedule to add climate to the GMA and close the GMA sprawl loophole. This week’s update is short and sweet – read on for status updates!

HB 1099 – Adding Climate Change to the Growth Management Act

HB 1099 is on a roll. After passing out of the House a few weeks ago, this week our climate bill had its first hearing in the Senate Housing and Local Government Committee. Many thanks to our supporters across the state who came out in droves to support the bill: we had 932 people sign in “PRO” on the bill, compared to just 187 “CON”. 🎉🎉

It’s critical that we keep this bill moving quickly so that we can be sure Central Puget Sound counties will include climate change planning in their next comprehensive plan updates.

Contact the committee members to vote YES on HB 1099!

SB 5042 – Closing the Sprawl Loophole in the GMA

SB 5042 also has great momentum! After nearly 15 years working on this bill, the end is in sight. SB 5042 passed out of the House two weeks ahead of cutoff and has already been referred to the House Environment and Energy Committee. We’re feel optimistic about its chances but we can’t get too comfortable. We’ve worked too hard for too long for this bill to fail now!

Contact the committee members to vote YES on SB 5042!

HB 1769 – Advancing Housing Affordability

HB 1769 would ensure that HB 1220, our housing justice GMA update that passed last year, will be fairly implemented in every community across Washington. The bill is currently in the House Rules Committee, and we’re hopeful that it will be headed to a vote on the house floor soon. Stay tuned for opportunities to take action!