Meet Marcella - Futurewise Staff Spotlight

October 28, 2022

Marcella Buser - Futurewise Staff Spotlight!

We want to introduce everyone to our new State Organizer, Marcella Buser! In doing so, we asked Marcella some great questions to learn more about her.

Share a little about your story!

I grew up on my parent’s apple farm in rural Oregon and always really cared about protecting the environment and having sustainable, healthy food systems. I went to the University of Oregon and got involved in politics with my local Student PIRGs chapter. I worked as a campus organizer for four years and got the opportunity to move to Seattle! I am becoming a proud Washingtonian.

Why do you believe in Futurewise's work? Why do you think what we do is important?

Growing up in rural Oregon and now currently living in a city, I’ve seen how different these spaces are. But working with Futurewise, it’s incredible seeing how these drastically different areas have common goals, and when we work together, we can build a better state for everyone. I’m excited to be a part of this team!

Share a little bit about the work you do outside of Futurewise.

I love the outdoors! I’m passionate about trees, hiking, and gardening with my girlfriend. If I’m not organizing, I’m probably at the farmer’s market or rallying my friends to go on a hike.

What's your favorite thing about living in Washington?

Easy answer—the natural beauty. From the Gorge to the Olympic Peninsula, every part of Washington is stunning. I’m still shocked by how beautiful the mountains are on a clear day in Seattle.

If you could snap your fingers and fix one issue facing our state, what would it be?

Climate Change. If we can end our fossil fuel dependence, that will build a better Washington for generations to come. Imagine clean air, healthy communities, and a protected environment!

Once again, we are so excited to have Marcella join our staff, and if you want to say hello or learn how to get involved with Marcella, you can always email her at