Week of March 8th: Legislative Update

March 8, 2021

We’ve got some very, very good news to share. Drumroll please….

🎉🎉 HB 1220 and HB 1099 are on their way to the Senate!! 🎉🎉

 We launched the Washington Can’t Wait campaign last fall with grand ambitions: to pass the biggest updates to the Growth Management Act in three decades. And last week, we passed a major milestone for two of our Washington Can’t Wait bills: HB 1220, our housing justice bill, and HB 1099, our climate justice bill, both passed out of the House of Representatives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the hundreds of you who called or emailed your legislators, submitted op-eds to your local papers, or met one-on-one with your representatives. It’s truly due to our community of supporters that we’re rejoicing today.

Today is a day to celebrate. But tomorrow, we’re getting right back to work.

We’re going to have an uphill battle to see these bills through the Senate and to the Governor’s desk. And we’re going to need each and every one of you to pitch in to make sure HB 1220 and HB 1099 reach the finish line.

 Here’s how you can help:

· Set up a constituent meeting with your senator. Most of our senators have never even heard of HB 1220 or HB 1099. It’s critical that we use the next few weeks to educate senators about these bills and why they are must-pass legislation in 2020. Check out our guide about how to set up a meeting or contact me directly at jamie@futurewise.org to get set up.  

· Join us for our Week of Action March 15th – 21st. We’re taking a breather this week but next week we’re kicking right back into gear. Check out our full event schedule here and sign up to join us!

 A quick note about SB 5042 – the vesting bill:

We’ve still got one more day to get SB 5042 passed out the Senate. So far, over 700 Futurewise supporters have emailed their senator asking for a YES vote on SB 5042. Thanks to you, this bill has moved farther than it ever has since we first introduced it over ten years ago. We’ll be working right up until the deadline to get a vote on SB 5042. You can help by contacting your senator, if you haven’t already, using our action alert.