Week of March 29th: Legislative Update

April 1, 2021

It’s official: both HB 1099 and HB 1220 have cleared the next hurdle in their journey to the governor’s desk, passing out of the Senate Housing and Local Government Committee last week. Now both bills are in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, where they’ll need another YES vote before heading to the Senate floor.

We’re chugging along, but we need an influx of support from constituents like you to keep these bills moving.

Right now, HB 1099 has strong momentum. HB 1099 had its hearing in the Ways and Means Committee on Saturday and is already scheduled for a vote on Monday, 3/29. We’re absolutely thrilled that this climate and equity update to the GMA has so much energy! Many thanks to Futurewise supporters, coalition partners, and local governments who have been working in unison to get this bill passed.

Tell your Senator to vote YES on HB1099!

Now here’s the hard part: we need to rally, hard, to ensure that HB 1220 gets the same momentum. HB 1220 is a bill to end housing discrimination in Washington – plain and simple. This bill should be an easy YES vote for Washington senators. But unfortunately, like many, many times before in the history of housing advocacy, we’re starting to see bad faith arguments in opposition.

Now’s the time for senators to hear from constituents in every corner of Washington with a clear message: vote YES on HB 1220 to end housing discrimination. Here are three actions you can take to pass HB 1220 and end housing discrimination:

We’re coming up on the finish line, which is why it’s critical that we don’t let up now. Join us in seeing HB 1099 and HB 1220 all the way to the governor’s desk!