Legislative Update: Week of March 1st

March 1, 2021

Welcome to Week 8! We’re pressing up against a deadline – March 9th – to get all three Futurewise bills (SB 5042HB 1099, and HB 1220) passed out of their house of origin. This week's legislative update is focused on what you can do to get these bills passed.

Send an Email

Since we kicked off the legislative session, over 600 of you have contacted your legislators asking them to support these bills – incredible! If you’ve already sent an email on each of these bills, skip to the next section about what you can do next. If you haven’t yet contacted your legislator, we need you to do so today!

SB 5042 would close the vesting loophole in the GMA, protecting farms and forests from illegal UGA expansions.
--> Take Action on SB5042

HB 1099 adds a climate element to the GMA, ensuring that we’re planning to reduce GHG emissions and to protect from climate hazards.
-->Take Action on HB1099

HB 1220 is a housing justice bill that updates the GMA to ensure that we have housing available to people at all income levels, in every city.
--> Take Action on HB1220

Submit a Letter to the Editor

Already emailed your legislator? Awesome – here’s what’s next.

We want to make sure that every senator and representative know about these priority bills. One way to get their attention is by submitting a Letter to the Editor to your local paper. Submitting an LTE is easy – typically they are 200 words or less. We’ve got an easy guide for you, with links to find your local paper. We want to get LTEs in papers all across the state over the next week. If your LTE gets published, please let us know! Forward the link to me, jamie@futurewise.org, so we can share it far and wide. Questions? Zip me an email at jamie@futurewise.org.

Save the date: Our next Week of Action kicks off March 15th

Like we mentioned above, March 9th is our deadline to get each of these bills passed out of their house of origin. But after that happens (and with your help above, we hope it will), we’re back on the grind to ensure that they make it all the way to the governor’s desk.

We’re hosting another Week of Action, from March 15th - March 19th, to kick us into gear for the second half of the legislative session. We’ll start the week with a campaign update call on Monday, March 15th from 12-1PM  for all our supporters to hear from our legislative team about our progress and where we go from here. Then we’ll have individual days of action for each of our priority bills.

Stay tuned for sign-up links and more information!