Celebrating 20 Years of Tim

September 9, 2021

It’s a very special year for Futurewise. This year marks Tim Trohimovich’s 20th anniversary with us! Tim serves as Futurewise’s Director of Planning and Law and is our in-house legal counsel.

You might know Tim from his many victories in front of the Growth Management Hearings Board, protecting Washington farms, shorelines and wildlife habitats from development. Or perhaps you know Tim from our #TimTalks, where he breaks down complicated land use law for regular people. Maybe you've worked with Tim directly on an issue in your community.

In honor of two decades of Tim, we're hosting the Tim 20th Anniversary Tour, with stops across the state. Join us in Woodinville, Spokane or online this fall.

Tim's work has touched so many across Washington. Here's just a few of the wonderful things people have said about Tim:

Tim accomplished so much at the statewide level, creating new law and leaving a strong growth management legacy. Despite Tim's very high intelligence and work accomplishments, his kindness toward, and patience with others is equally impressive. - Roberta Lewandowski, retired urban planner
For 20 years, Tim has helped protect vital resources and special places in Washington and his legacy of strong legal protections and plans will continue to impact every county in this state for years to come. His extensive knowledge, experience and skills are a treasured resource in the environmental community and he has helped countless community organizations through his work. I have known him for many years and his contributions to the work we have funded in our growth management program are incalculable. - Pam Fujita-Yuhas, Northwest Fund for the Environment Foundation Director
Tim’s ability to work with others, his temperament and mastery of Washington land-use law are exceptional. I can’t think of another person I have encountered or worked with in public life for whom I have more admiration. - Doug Kilgore, Formerly of RIDGE, Formerly of the Worker Owner Council of the NW
Tim is not just an asset to Futurewise, but to all of the groups and communities benefited by his expansive knowledge of GMA. It is encyclopedic! In any proceeding, he is easily the best informed person in the room. Futurewise would be a different, and far less effective organization without him. - Jeff Eustis, founding Futurewise board member
I served on the (Central Puget Sound) Growth Management Hearings Board from 1996 to 2009. When Tim started with Futurewise around the millennium, the quality of Futurewise’s challenges and arguments went up. Tim was always calm, focused, and persuasive. Throughout my tenure with the Board, Tim served Futurewise well. He not only is a persuasive advocate, but an accomplished speaker. I have heard him speak, or served on panels with him, regarding GMA and he ALWAYS had great insights and provocative comments. Futurewise has been lucky to have him. - Ed McGuire, former Growth Management Hearings Board member