Storytelling and Advocacy at the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Conference

May 28, 2018

Last week, Outreach Coordinator Angela Compton traveled to Yakima with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (WLIHA) to facilitate a workshop on Storytelling for Advocacy at the 2018 Conference for Ending Homelessness.

Having experienced homelessness and housing instability herself, Angela works to bring our lower-income neighbors who are impacted by affordable housing policies into the conversation. Here in Seattle, she has worked with residents of several permanent-supportive affordable housing buildings and temporary shelters to be empowered to tell their stories and fight for housing policy change legislatively.

The Conference on Ending Homelessness is an annual event that brings together hundreds of people from across the state who are working to end homelessness. Together, we learn from each other, exchange ideas and share advice, get inspired and re-energized, and organize to grow the movement to end homelessness in Washington and beyond.

In addition to Angela’s Storytelling for Advocacy Workshop, the conference included opportunities to engage in community organizing through WLIHA’s Resident Action Project and Emerging Advocates Program, conference sessions on equity and racial justice, trainings for direct service providers, as well as updates on state and federal housing policy and additional advocacy opportunities.

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