One Year Later - Put 'Em Up Solid

November 8, 2017

It was but a year ago that I sent a message out to all of you, lamenting what had transpired the night before on election day 2016.  We were eating doughnuts in the conference room - comforting one another, and suggesting that maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked.  Looking back, it seems we were quite naïve.

One year later, things are feeling different. Already this morning we're sharing with each other the triumphs of the night before - small steps as they are.  Trumpism was defeated in Virginia and New Jersey (represent!).  Medicare was expanded in Maine.  Our own home state locked in the "blue blockade" - a west-coast string of anti-Trump legislatures that will no doubt lead a charge against climate change, racism and environmental degradation.  Suddenly, a bit of the weight of the last year is lifted from our shoulders.

We're looking forward to charging full-speed ahead with you in the coming year, knowing that a growing wind may be at our backs as we work to build a Washington State that we, and our children's children, can be proud of.

In the words of my favorite country artist, David Rawlings, "Though the seas may rise - With four strong winds - Put 'Em Up Solid - They won't come down."

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support.