Convening to finance the environment we want - and need

September 25, 2017

This October, Futurewise will be hosting a convening on innovative financing tools such as pay for success, credit trading, environmental impact bonds, and community-based public private partnerships - with the hopes of inspiring local governments and agencies to start thinking creatively about how to solve some of our region's most pressing environmental and infrastructure challenges.

The convening will bring together experts in the field from organizations like Quantified Ventures, Corvias, Fresh Coast Capital, and the Willamette Partnership for presentations and discussion with a host of cross-sector leaders representing DNR, DOE, local jurisdictions, Boeing, Seattle Public Utilities and a host of others. 

What's at stake for Futurewise in this effort?  In the long-term, we see the innovative financing tool as a means of potentially encouraging more economically sustainable development across the state - perhaps taking advantage of the cost differential between what municipalities are looking for in terms of tax base, and what we know they end up paying out for infrastructure maintenance and public services.  A report will be developed from the convening that will summarize the outcomes - and we look forward to posting it before the end of the year.