A post election message from the Futurewise ED

November 9, 2016

It was truly an unprecedented day.

Although an outside observer might think differently if they were to solely judge the day based on the actions taken by the Futurewise staff.  Some of us came to work early and stared out the window.  Some of us came to work late and stared into our coffee.  A group of us ate donuts and shared what limited capacity we had for conversation.  We had a brown-bag lunch-and-learn like all healthy non-profits should once a month.

We were a little misty-eyed, but we also laughed a little.  

We recognized that we may be facing what feels like insurmountable obstacles in our path to nurturing a just and equitable society, encouraging livable cities and protecting natural resource areas.

But then we remembered all of you.  All of you supporters, members, elected officials, interested citizens, activists, previous board members, former employees, and friends.  And suddenly, we were energized!  We looked up from our coffee.  We turned away from the window.  We cleaned up a little.

We realized that we’re not alone in our efforts to make our world a better place for future generations.  And there is still a lot of work do to.

Thank you for being part of our extended family, and for being there to support us on the unprecedented days and the average days in between.