Creating Healthier and More
Equitable Communities

At Futurewise, we believe that every Washingtonian deserves to live in a thriving urban or rural community, with a healthy environment and access to open space. Advancing affordable, walkable, and connected cities and towns is crucial to protecting our valuable farms and wildlife habitats from sprawl, especially as our state grows. By taking on an interconnected set of challenges—protecting open space, keeping housing affordable, improving transit and curbing pollution—Washingtonians who live in cities will have a better quality of life and also take the pressure off our rural areas.
Futurewise works in communities across the state, as well as at the state level, to promote housing affordability, walking, biking and transit options, and vibrant local economies. We approach this work through the lens of racial equity by advocating for policies that redress the impacts of historic racist policies like redlining.

Program Highlights:

  • In 2019, 2021 and 2023, Futurewise passed pro-housing state legislation that improves access to housing options that are more affordable to people at all income levels, including legalizing middle housing statewide.
  • In Spokane, Seattle and Bellevue, Futurewise staffs coalitions working to advance housing affordability in our state's growing cities.