GreenLink Bellingham

Final report from the GreenLink Bellingham pilot project, which seeks to identify best "bang for your buck" green infrastructure projects through mapping and analysis of current social and environmental conditions in Bellingham, WA.

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Legislative Priorities

When the Washington State Legislature is in session, we work to support and pass legislation that aligns with our mission.  Click here to read our 2017 legislative agenda.

Comment Letters

Futurewise Comments on Benton County Critical Areas Ordinance

Futurewise is recommending that Benton County adopt better buffer regulations to protect water quality and fish and wildlife habitat while accommodating the needs for homeowners to protect their homes from wildfires. Futurewise is also recommending better regulations to protect people from deadly landsides.

Comments: Riparian Ecosystems, Volume 2: Management Recommendations
Futurewise Comments on Proposed Okanogan County Code (OCC) Overlays-Water Availability Study Areas
Futurewise’s Comments: Interpretation of the Methow Instream Flow Rule
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