Project Contact

Tiernan Martin

Yesler Community Collaborative

Futurewise is supporting the Yesler Community Collaborative in their efforts to slow displacement and gentrification, support locally owned businesses and encourage urban green space in the neighborhoods surrounding Yesler Terrace.

Together with the YCC, Futurewise is developing a Baseline Conditions Plan that is mapping critical land-use, health and environmental indicators across the YCC communities, and the development of a parcel map that the Housing Cohort is using to identify publically owned properties for potential development as affordable housing. 

In 2017, we are planning to leverage information in the Baseline Conditions plan to develop impactful policy recommendations that that are directly linked to community-specific data and trends.  The plan will continue to be expanded and will evolve based on the initial assessment of conditions, and the need for more and different data to “tell the story” of the community.

We are also planning to work with the YCC Environmental Cohort members, particularly the International Living Futures Institute, to develop an “opportunity map” for implementation and expansion of the environmental vision outlined in the First Hill Living Communities Challenge Study.  The maps will identify public and private investments at the neighborhood scale, and will identify high-concentration areas and highlight linkages with environmental priorities and integrate planning efforts presently being developed by the Seattle Office of Community Development.

Learn more about the YCC efforts here.

Upper left photo courtesy of Brian Chu Photography.