Project Contact

Kitty Klitzke

Spokane Regional Food Policy Council

Futurewise staff person Kitty Klitzke is the President of the Spokane Regional Food Policy Council. The mission of the Council is to advance policies and initiatives that foster a resilient food system in the Spokane area; one that is healthy and equitable for its citizens, economy and environment.

The Spokane Food Policy Council is focusing on the following strategies in 2016:

• Encouraging institutional purchasing policies mandating that at least a portion of all food purchases are grown locally.

• Establishing policies that allow for local food processing in or near urban areas, or create policies for designated food-processing food infrastructure districts.

• Development and capacity building of nutrition, food preparation, gardening and food education in K-12 schools.

• Incentivizing grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food carts, vending machines and other mobile vendors to locate in underserved communities.

• Working to preserve key pieces of regional farmland/wild land.

• Developing and suggesting policies that reduce food in the waste stream.

Read more about the Council in their Spokane Regional Food System Inventory report, found here.