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Shore Friendly - Kitsap

Shore Friendly Kitsap is a partnership of Kitsap County, WSU Extension Kitsap, Washington Sea Grant and Futurewise to assist marine shoreline homeowners who are interested in voluntarily removing all or part of their old bulkhead.

We now know that bulkheads are unnecessary in many places–and actually worsen overall erosion. They also damage delicate habitat for salmon, seabirds, and other species. This has led many waterfront homeowners in low-erosion zones to consider removing their bulkhead–especially if it is showing signs of damage–and letting their waterfront return to its natural state.

Futurewise is participating in a social marketing campaign in Kitsap County to reduce shoreline armoring through incentives, including leading the development of a messaging and media plan, and managing focus groups, training and shoreline boat tours.

For more information, see the Shore Friendly Kitsap website here.