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Tim Trohimovich

Protecting Pacific Coast Shorelines

Pacific and Grays Harbor Counties are updating their Shoreline Master Programs (SMPs) representing an opportunity to restore and protect our state’s Pacific coast shoreline areas.

From the surfing and fishing industry in Westport, the shellfish production in Willapa Bay, and the special habitat areas for species like the Snowy Plover, these bays and ocean beaches provide economic and recreation opportunities as well as natural habitat and species unique to our state.  Additionally, the coastal beaches present unique challenges including sea level rise and increased coastal erosion, which threatens both human and natural habitats alike.

In the next year, Grays Harbor County and Pacific County will be completing their updates of their SMPs, providing an opportunity to work on the specific needs of the coastal communities.  The updates in these coastal counties are especially important. To support these efforts, Futurewise will be focusing on community engagement and outreach and science, planning and policy work in partnership Surfrider Foundation, Earth Economics and Resource Media.