Seattle Health & Equity Assessment

While Seattle as a whole may be thriving, certain populations and certain neighborhoods do not enjoy the prosperity and opportunity of others.

An equitable, healthy city is one in which all residents have access to those essential elements which enable them to live up to their full potential. In an equitable city, all residents can afford safe, quality housing, have access to stable jobs with living wages, live and work in a healthy environment, depend on a reliable transportation system, enjoy easy access to parks and recreation, and can learn in a school system which gives all residents the tools they need to thrive. 

Without a deep understanding of where we are failing to live up to this vision, we cannot improve. Futurewise has developed the City of Seattle Health and Equity Assessment to identify the health and equity disparities in our city, to report back the needs of our priority communities, and to identify policy solutions which will make Seattle a healthier and more equitable city, one where all residents can live up to their full potential.

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