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Tiernan Martin

Greenlink: Bellingham

Futurewise and agency and community partners worked to set forth a vision and implementable strategies for an integrated network of green spaces throughout Bellingham’s watersheds to provide safe, healthy movement of people, water and wildlife.

GreenLink Bellingham (GreenLink) was a pilot program of coordinated project planning with the goal of creating an integrated network of green infrastructure throughout Bellingham that provides safe, healthy movement of people, water, and wildlife. The project looked holistically at land use planning, facilities planning, and water and habitat quality through mapping to promote the design and delivery of green infrastructure in Bellingham, with a specific focus on the Squalicum Creek watershed. 

The GreenLink processes is intended to be replicated in other watersheds and jurisdictions to benefit water quality, mobility, habitat, and community quality of life. GreenLink Bellingham built upon previous work by the City of Bellingham and others to manage Bellingham's natural resources and maintain a high quality of life. For more information on the GreenLink process, and specific outcomes of the project in Bellingham, please see the GreenLink Bellingham Final Report:

GreenLink Bellingham

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