Project Contact

Marisol Diaz

Waterworks - Algona

Futurewise, in partnership with Home Town Community Services and the City of Algona, will be working with Algona community volunteers as well as teachers within the Auburn School District to create a coordinated set of stormwater pollution reduction education and on-the-ground projects in Algona

The integrated program includes planting trees with community members, creating a pilot community garden, and conducting education to help increase community knowledge about water quality. This program will encourage community activities to improve local water quality and will provide other community benefits. For example, it is well known that aside from aesthetic benefits, trees decrease flows related to stormwater runoff.

Educating residents and youth about the benefits of trees and promoting the use of mulch and compost rather than pesticides and herbicides in their yards, providing demonstration of these techniques in the community garden and wetland, and doing hands-on youth projects will help reinforce the concepts to help reduce pollutant runoff.

Learn more about how Futurewise and Town Community Services is working together in Algona and Auburn here.