Washington Can't Wait Campaign: Updating the GMA for Today's Challenges

Futurewise's Washington Can’t Wait Campaign is an initiative to fight for action on climate change, environmental justice, and housing equity by passing the biggest changes to the Growth Management Act in three decades.

Active Legal Appeals

Futurewise engages with counties across the state to improve comprehensive plans and shoreline master programs. When plans don't meet the requirements of the GMA, Futurewise may appeal to bring them into alignment.

GreenLink Port Angeles

GreenLink supports the city of Port Angeles's goals to improve water quality, habitat, and community assets through a holistic view of watershed planning that promotes inclusion, coordination, and a broad definition of watershed.

Buffers Make Good Neighbors

A partnership between Futurewise and the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Improving Shoreline Master Programs

Futurewise works statewide to protect shoreline habitats.

Complete Streets

Complete street policies and implementation are key elements of a safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation system.

Advance Sustainable Land Use in Tri-Cities

Futurewise was awarded funding through Columbia Riverkeeper to develop a program that raises awareness and support for land use policy initiatives (shorelines, habitat, critical areas, water quality, stormwater pollution prevention) that have a positive impact on the Columbia River system.

Support for Affordable Housing

Futurewise supports affordable housing policies and practices at the local and state level. Ensuring that affordable, equitable housing options are available in our urban areas is a key component of growth management in Washington.

Algona Wetland Preserve

A community wetland planning and education project in partnership with Natural Systems Design and the City of Algona.