Bill Tracker: 2022 WA Can't Wait Campaign

October 13, 2021

Get updates on our 3 legislative priorities, including bill sponsors, policy points, legislative support, where they are in the legislative process, and calls to action. Find our campaign platform and messaging guide here.

Climate Change: HB 1099

Pass HB1099 to ensure Washington cities and counties are planning for climate-resilient communities while reducing our contributions to the climate crisis. Check out the one-pager.

We don’t have any time to waste. Another summer of heat waves, smoke and wildfires makes it clear that climate change is already at our doorstep. While the WA State Legislature took good steps to address climate change last year, it is a moral imperative that we continue to take decisive and bold action to create resilient communities that protect our most vulnerable populations and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. HB1099 will help get us there.

What’s in the bill:

HB1099 will add a climate change goal and element to our state’s Growth Management Act that;

  • Requires the largest and fastest-growing counties and cities to choose from a list of actions developed by the Department of Commerce to reduce their vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions to meet state goals for reduction,
  • Requires all counties and cities planning under the Growth Management Act to plan to address the impact of climate hazards on people, property and ecological systems,
  • Includes a definition of environmental justice in the GMA and stipulates that our land-use planning should work to achieve environmental justice and not worsen existing environmental health disparities.

Bill Sponsors: Representatives Duerr, Fitzgibbon, Dolan, Bateman, Ramel, Gregerson, Goodman, Ryu, Kloba, Chopp, Ormsby, Pollet, Fey, Santos, Davis

How did your legislator vote? Find out here.

Where is it in the legislative process?

Calls to action: Email your legislators and ask them to vote YES on HB1099!

Housing Equity: HB 1220

Fully fund the implementation of HB1220, which was signed into law in 2021, to ensure that the state legislature does not short-change housing equity. Check out the one-pager.

In 2021, we worked successfully with constituents, partners, and legislators to pass HB1220, a bill that will take strides to end income and race-based discrimination in Washington’s housing policy that have caused harm and displacement in our communities for too long. We cannot short-change housing equity. To implement this work, and to do it well with the voices of impacted communities centered, we have to give financial support to our local jurisdictions and community organizations to implement these new requirements.

What’s in the bill:

HB 1220 is a game-changing update to the GMA housing element that will ensure that cities;

  • Are planning for housing affordable to people at all income levels,
  • Redress the impacts from historic racist housing policies,
  • Adequately plan for and allow homeless housing and shelters in a majority of zones,
  • Identify communities at high risk of displacement and implement anti-displacement policies, programs and regulations to prevent people from being priced out of the neighborhoods that they call home.

Bill Sponsors: Representatives Peterson, Macri, Bateman, Ryu, Lekanoff, Fitzgibbon, Kloba, Davis, Lovick, Santos, Ortiz-Self, Simmons, Berg, Hackney, Chopp, Tharinger, Frame

How did your legislator vote? Find out here.

Where is it in the legislative process?

Calls to action: Email your legislators and ask them to vote support efforts to secure this funding.

Environmental Protection: SB 5042

Close the GMA’s ‘illegal growth loophole’ to protect farmland, forests, and critical habitats from unnecessary sprawl by passing SB5042. Check out the one-pager.

For the last 12 years, Futurewise has worked to close a crucial loophole in the GMA known as the ‘illegal growth loophole'. This loophole undermines the intent of the GMA by allowing counties to subvert the Growth Management Hearing Board appeals process to illegally build sprawling developments that gobble up farmlands, forests, and critical habitats, put a financial strain on jurisdictions to provide adequate facilities and services to new developments and can impact a local government's ability to secure state grants if they are found to be out of compliance with the GMA. Growth will continue to occur in Washington, and so long as this loophole exists, there will be people who exploit it for irresponsible development on lands that we desperately need to protect.

What’s in the bill:

  • SB 5042 would close the ‘illegal growth loophole’ by:
    • Setting a new effective date for actions relating to urban growth areas; agricultural, forest, or mineral resource lands; limited areas of more intensive rural development; new fully contained communities; or master planned resorts.

Bill Sponsors: Senators Salomon, Billig, Kuderer, Liias, Wilson, C.

How did your legislator vote? Find out here.

Where is it in the legislative process?

Calls to action: Email your legislators and ask them to vote YES on SB5042!