Request for Qualifications: Racial Equity Consultant

August 28, 2020

Image Description: A crowd at a racial justice rally. One sign reads "End Racism Now!!!" and another sign reads "Black Lives Matter." Photo by Duncan Shaffer.

Futurewise seeks a racial equity consultant to support us in developing a stronger foundation for our organization’s racial equity work. Over the past decade, we have pursued a multitude of different projects and partnerships that prioritized racial equity outcomes. However, this body of work has always been dependent on the principled commitment of individual staff and board members, and on pressure from partners when we were not doing enough—rather than coming from a shared, organization-wide understanding of how this work is a critical part of our mission.

The goal of this RFQ is to select a consultant who has the necessary skills and experience to help us build that shared understanding and create a framework for adapting our work plan accordingly. The consultant will lead our Racial Equity Committee of staff and board members through the development of the three key documents outlined above (i.e., a “North Star” document, a Racial Equity Outcomes list, and a model of a theory of change framework). In addition to meeting with the Racial Equity Committee in October, the consultant will also facilitate an exercise that engages the entirety of the organization at our Annual Board Retreat (December 6, 2020). The consultant will be responsible for producing draft and final versions of these documents, in collaboration with the executive director and Racial Equity Committee leadership.

While this RFQ does include a specific scope of services, we welcome applicants that would propose an alternative or additional set of services. 

September 8, 2020 Update: We have heard that many racial equity consultants are too busy to right now to prepare full proposals. We have modified our RFQ (see below), which now asks for a 1-page letter of interest.

Request for Qualifications